Top Tips for Re-Opening your Salons

Not long now until we re-open our beloved businesses. It's been a LONG time coming hasn't it!!

Most of the salon owners we talk to are absolutely BURSTING to get back into, but we do know that there are a few of you who would prefer to stay closed a little longer, just in case.

Whichever train of thought you have, remember, it's up to YOU!

Now, we know that you are going to complete your Covid19 Infection control training prior to opening, as well as your Safety Plan. So, we are going to get about talking about BUSINESS.

Every single salon out there is going to be FIGHTING HARD to get customers.  Right NOW is the time to get smart!

Social media will be absolutely BUZZING with salons trying to get not only their customers back, but NEW customers too - and those customers could be yours!!

So, how do you stop that from happening?

We are hoping that you've continued to marketing throughout this crisis.

You should have been keeping in touch via email, social media - and PHONE!!

That's right! PHONE!!

Have you phoned your top 20 customers? If not, do it NOW. Call them to re-connect and let them know your potential opening date (if you know that yet). Maybe make them an offer, or come up with an irresistable package.

What about your emails? Have you been emailing your customers to stay in touch? A lot of salons have put their marketing on hold - but NOW is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME for you to be marketing. So, get creative and get an email out now. We recommend an email every week until you open back up!

Social media is BUSIER than it EVER has been in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!  So, are you taking advantage of this??  All of your competitors will be working hard right now to make sure that they get as many customers as they can - but DO NOT let them steal yours!!  

Have you got a strategy? It's important to NOT just throw anything out there on your FB or Insta - have a clear strategy moving forward to secure bookings when you open, and then re-bookings ongoing. (If you need help with this CLICK HERE)

Have you used this "time-out" wisely and reviewed your menu?

If not - do it NOW! Go through every single treatment on your menu and review it's pricing (are you charging enough), and determine whether you need to drop anything.

NOW is also the perfect time to introduce NEW and exciting treatments - again ensuring that your customers come back to YOU!

If you're brave enough, why don't you increase your prices by 10% before you re-open? This small increase will make a BIG difference to your bottom line!

Getting RETAIL READY should be a priority right now. What stock do you have in, and what else could you introduce? Your customers will LOVE some new and exciting retail items - so start thinking laterally, and introducing products that you know your customers will love (besides skin care).

Yes - we know that you don't have extra cash-flow right now - but speak to suppliers to work out payment plans for your products - you never know until you ask!

We know that there are two brand NEW products that you should be looking at - and - if you're interested in improving your retail turnover, get in touch - we might just be able to do you a deal!

* Start NOW and PAY LATER marketing packages NOW AVAILABLE. Ask us how



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