How the heck to hashtag

Social media can be confusing. Goalposts are forever changing and there are always new "things" that we aren't quite sure about.

One thing is for certain, if you aren't hashtagging, then start TODAY!

You NEED to use hashtags if you are using social media for business.


Because hashtagging will expose your posts to MORE than just the people who follow you!

And, for business, this is EXACTLY what you want and need!

Using hashtags will pop your post into a "group" of other posts with the same hashtag/s. This means your posts are discoverable by absolutely ANYBODY out there on the internet searching for that tag!

What sort of hashtags should you use?

Hashtags should target the people you are wanting to find your posts. So, what would your preferred audience be searching for? Be specific - think niche!

So, to give you an idea, if you are a salon in Rose Bay that does HIFU, then a niche hashtag would be #rosebayhifu - instead of just #HIFU

Bigger isn't always better!

You could be using really popular hashtags now thinking that the more tags the better, but your post COULD be getting drowned out by all the other posts with the same hashtag.

We aren't saying not to use popular hashtags. If hashtags are relevant to your post, then certainly use them, but generally using hashtags with less numbers makes it easier for your post to be found.

Use simple hashtags.

Your goal when hashtagging should be to utilise a variety of relevant and simple hashtags that are EASY TO READ. Your hashtags should be made up based on research and words or terms that you think people may think of pertaining to your post.

Something like this: #hifufacelift #nosurgeryfacelift instead of something that people wouldn't search for like #highintensityfocusedultrasound

Short, simple hashtags are user-friendly and easy to read - using long hashtags and unusual combinations of words may mean that your post has LESS reach.

Don't over-tag!

Using too many hashtags in your content makes it very hard to read and could lower your engagement. Keep your content simple with maybe 1 or 2 RELEVANT hashtags.

Of course, if social media is overwhelming for you and you're not getting any traction, then think about retaining us to put YOUR best foot forward! Our team of digital marketers ONLY work in the spa/salon industry and have an indepth knowledge of everything beauty related!

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