Are you running a business or a charity?

Our job is to lead salons to success, and one of the questions we often ask salon owners is:

"Are you running a business or a charity?"

This conversation was started on good old social media by someone stating that "necks should be included in all facials".

And, that one simple comment has lead us here to this blog, are you running a business or a charity?

YES we wholeheartedly agree that it would be ideal for the neck to be added into any facial treatment, BUT why GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE????

Here's our're not in business because you want to give ANYTHING away for FREE.

If you could upsell the neck component of your treatment, then why not we say!

No it doesn't cost you much more in product or your time, but IT DOES COST YOU in product and time to add it on - so it should be an additional cost.

You don't go to the Dentist and say "I need a filling, but I want the one next to it filled as well for FREE" - this just doesn't make sense.

So, why give away your services for FREE!

YES it's true that at times we sometimes create packages where we are giving away treatments as an ADD ON for FREE, but these are all strategically planned and budgeted for.

Let me ask you this - if you don't charge an additional cost for the neck during a facial/peel/micro etc - then how will you ever be able to offer it as a standalone treatment with its own recommended retail price?

Let's work out how much revenue you could potentially be missing out on if you're giving away FREE neck upgrades.

Each week you do 20 microdermabrasions

You GIVE AWAY a FREE neck upgrade to each of those 20 clients

Microdermabrasion neck upgrades are valued at $49RRP (give or take)

20 x $49 =$980

*******ALARM BELLS HERE******

That's a WHOPPING $980 LOST in revenue in just 1 week!!

It's time to get smart with your services ladies - if you're giving away the neck, make sure that you've used that enticement to get people in the door. This is called an acquisition cost.

Don't just give it away's time for you to make serious money in your salon! Value your time! Value your services!

No more freebies - you're losing out on valuable add on income.

If you'd like help to review your treatment menu, and make sure your pricing is perfect, get in touch! We'd love to help you out!



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