Spa + Salon Divas wants to help you to create the business of  your dreams - so here are a few questions you may like answered

Frequently asked questions

How can the Divas help me to create the business of my dreams?

Spa + Salon Divas are the original salon experts - that means we are all experienced and successful business people ourselves. We have worked with spas and salons around the world sharing our knowledge and expertise, which helps them to create their dream business. We have a large range of bespoke services to suit all sized businesses.

Can you help me get more bookings?

YES!! We most definitely can! Divas have developed unique straetgies which really work! We have helped thousands of businesses to get literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bookings - and we can do the same for you too!

My Facebook page really isn't working, can you help me?

YES! Most definitely! We are the salon facebook experts!! We know all the tricks and keep up to date with all the algorithm changes which make Facebook marketing a little tricky sometimes.

Are your coaches experienced and successful in business?

YES! It's important to work with coaches who REALLY have had success in business. Make sure you check the history of your coaches as many are failed salon owners looking to make money after closing their business! All Divas coaches have successfully created, managed and sold their own businesses both in the salon industry as well as other industry's - so you know your business is in good hands!

Do all of your coaching packages include marketing?

YES! We are the ONLY true experts in salon coaching + marketing - and believe all businesses need an holistic approach to coaching. So, all of our coaching packages include marketing - which our marketing experts do for you (we don't just give you ideas to run with yourself, we actually do the leg work!)

Can you develop my marketing strategy?

YES! Our marketing experts develop your strategy, and then we roll it out for you. You don't have to struggle with ideas, or worry about what do with your marketing any more! We do it all for you!

Can you manage my Facebook page for me?

YES! Facebook is a fine art - it's not for the feint hearted, that's why we have a dedicated team of Facebook marketers who manage your page for you.

Do you run training or workshops?

YES! We host workshops around Australia, and we also host the Face + Body Conference on the Gold Coast each year.


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